Algorithmic Portfolio Management
ABARIS is an independent asset management firm that is positioned
to manage portfolios for financial advisors, family offices, institutional
investors and high net worth clients.

Utilizing our Artificial Neural Net system, we address market
uncertainties and volatility by analyzing and continuously monitoring a
multitude of fundamental, technical, economic and market factors to
take long and short positions in industries, sectors and companies
that are attractive on either a relative or an absolute basis.

Our investment team has the insight, knowledge and experience to
help you lay a firm foundation for your financial success. Our team
has re-engineered portfolio design and construction and has many
years of experience managing portfolios and working in partnership
with clients and their financial advisors.

We take pride in our independence, objectivity and focus on doing
what is best for our clients. Our firm is majority owned and controlled
by management. We serve as fiduciaries, which means we put our
clients’ interests before our own.

We show our confidence in the advice we offer by investing our own
money using the same strategies. We are guided by our time-tested
investment philosophy in helping our clients reach their unique set of

Our technology solution provides our investment managers the
knowledge and confidence they need to navigate successfully
through volatile and rapidly changing market conditions.

Through our people and our process, we offer a proven approach to
helping you reach your long-term financial goals.

ABARIS stands apart in a world dominated by large firms offering
proprietary products and “off the shelf” solutions. We are nimble, agile
and focused on one thing: helping you protect your wealth and grow
your assets through the thoughtful and prudent management of your

ABARIS has adopted a scientific and proven approach to capital
markets and portfolio management. Our mission is to utilize state-of-the-
art portfolio design and execution to preserve and grow capital by
producing absolute returns with reduced portfolio volatility and
manageable risk and drawdown.

ABARIS’s artificial neural net based system provides clear direction and
investment management guidance using real-time market data. We
employ a pro-active approach to portfolio management, rather than the
passive approach of buy and hold.
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