Portfolio Management and Trading Solutions
Navigate Challenging Financial
Markets with ease
Built on a solid foundation, the system provides the ability to create
multiple portfolios and tracks and monitors each portfolio based on
our proprietary algorithms and indicators. Users can create
portfolios based on their preferences or use our standard tested

Application Communicates with all Broker/Dealer Platforms and has
the ability to transmit live electronic signals and orders instantly to
all major ECNs and exchanges.

One of the industry’s most extensive historical databases with
access to up to 30+ years of intraday and daily historical data for
most U.S.-traded symbols, as well as six months of tick-by-tick data
for all symbols.

Real-time market monitoring and ranking, one of  the most
powerful tools available anywhere today, allows to rank and
analyze hundreds of symbols based on custom technical criteria.

Insight into market direction - ABARIS+Advantage allows us to
analyze any symbol with advanced charting and the ability to
evaluate technical and fundamental data.

The Position Manager provides information related to each Equity,
ETF or instrument in the portfolio based on criteria defined and
provides appropriate Entry and Exit signals. It evaluates each
position for profit/loss and guides with appropriate specific actions
to take such as Buy, Sell, Hold, Take Profit or Stop Loss Exit.

We can assist with the creation and testing of any custom
designed portfolios before implementation. Our standard portfolios
have been extensively tested and live traded for several years.

We manage funds deposited with our Custodian and will also work
with funds deposited with clients' Custodian with appropriate
authorization to trade the specified accounts.

Please contact us for our highly competitive fee structure.    
System Highlights

  • Alternative investment multiple strategies
  • Trades Equities, ETF's, Mutual Funds and all
    exchange traded instruments
  • Standard Portfolios available for conservative,
    moderate or aggressive styles of investing
  • Automated trading system executes electronic,
    block trades or manual discretionary trades
  • Trades in Bull as well as Bear Markets
  • Potential for Higher Returns than standard market
    investment vehicles
  • Strategy gives priority to capital maintenance
  • Risk management plays key role in the investment
  • Effective money management helps minimize risk
    and maximize returns
  • Offered to Financial Managers, CFP, RIA, Money
    Managers, Fund Managers, Family Offices  and
    experienced High Net worth Individuals.

Algorithmic Portfolio Management
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