Algorithmic Portfolio Management
Generate Better Returns
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At ABARIS, we strive to provide intelligent solutions for the financial
community. Our strategies help investors successfully steer today’s
market conditions. The success of an Investment manager's
business hinges on the ability to generate and deliver better
returns to clients.
A concept that is not based on speculative or predictive
Speculative and predictive theories have all resulted in
extreme situations - significant gains or losses. Investors generally
fail to capitalize on the gains and rarely have the capacity to hold
when losses are mounting. The last few years have seen extreme
market behaviour resulting in significant degradation of investment
portfolios and the destruction of speculative and predictive theories.
ABARIS has adopted a scientific time tested approach to capital
markets. Our mission is to utilize state-of-the-art portfolio design
and execution to preserve and grow capital by producing absolute
returns with reduced portfolio volatility and manageable risk and
A new Concept in Investment Management

ABARIS’s portfolios seek to preserve and grow capital by
producing absolute returns with reduced portfolio volatility
and manageable risk and drawdown.

ABARIS will invest in securities spanning all the major world
asset classes including equities, bonds, real estate,
commodities, emerging markets and alternatives.

ABARIS’s strategy utilizes a quantitative approach with strict
risk management controls to actively manage the portfolio in
an attempt to control downside losses and protect capital.

Wide diversification coupled with prudent portfolio
management may allow ABARIS to perform in any economic

ABARIS seeks to offer investors the potential advantage of
achieving equity-like returns with reduced risk and volatility.
Our Investment Philosophy
Abaris’s Differentiators

  • We endeavor to provide investors with a positive return         
    regardless of the direction and fluctuations of the U.S. and
    Global markets generally.

  • We look beyond typical style boxes, the usual investment
    classes and popular fund managers for better strategies.

  • Our Investment Processes are technologically advanced,
    exhaustively tested, repeatable, consistent and universally
    applicable over long term investing.

  • We seek to limit exposure to downside risk by running a beta
    neutral portfolio designed to capitalize on opportunities in the
    equity markets.

  • We seek to generate total return that is not correlated to
    traditional asset classes.

  • Our Investment Team is experienced, talented and possesses
    over couple of decades of experience developing and
    managing strategies.

Algorithmic Portfolio Management