Solutions for Financial Advisors
Navigate Challenging Financial
Markets with ease
    Portfolio Characteristics

  • Standard Portfolios available for conservative,
      moderate and aggressive styles of investing
  • Long Only and Long/Short portfolios available for ETF,
    Equities, High Yield Bonds and Treasuries
  • MultiStrategy for Alternative investment
  • Algorithmic and Quantitative portfolio management
  • Trades in Bull as well as Bear Markets
  • Strategy gives priority to capital preservation
  • Risk management plays key role in the investment
  • Effective money management helps minimize risk and
    maximize returns
  • Offered to Financial Managers, RIAs, Wealth Managers,
    Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Institutional  and
    accredited High Net worth Investors.

Algorithmic Portfolio Management
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At ABARIS, we focus on providing services to Investment Managers/
Advisors so that they can provide the highly personalized investment
solutions that their clients require. We offer investment products that bring
together our investment management expertise and the asset management
expertise. Our services are designed to help financial advisors and their
clients develop successful investment management strategies.

We look beyond typical style boxes, the usual investment classes, and
popular fund managers for better strategies. We incorporate our best ideas
into portfolios, so that they reflect our most up-to-date approaches for the
short and long term. All of this furnishes you with a ready source for
intelligent, useful solutions.

ABARIS's absolute return portfolios, offered within a separately managed
account structure, is designed to meet a targeted return over three to five
year rolling periods, not to chase an index. This means we can potentially
take advantage of both good and bad markets.

Using tactical and strategic processes, ABARIS seeks to lower volatility by
broadly allocating across multiple asset classes, including domestic and
foreign equity, fixed income, absolute return, real assets, and private
equity. In addition, highly-focused stock selection and hedging techniques
are employed, seeking to further increase the portfolio’s risk-adjusted rate
of return. By having the ability to hedge market risk as well as focusing the
individual stock holdings on a limited number of stocks that represents the
highest conviction ideas, ABARIS believes clients have the potential to
enhance their portfolio value with controlled portfolio risk.

ABARIS’s Strategy uses an approach seeking to grow investments over the
long term. Our portfolios span several diversified asset classes, we feel this
broad diversification provides more opportunities than a typical allocation.
We also employ a number of strategies and highly focused stock selection
to achieve a target level of risk and return.

In addition, the separately managed account structure can potentially help
offset capital gains through strategic tax loss harvesting, creating more
efficient after tax returns. At ABARIS we don’t only look for innovative ways
to build wealth, we also look for practical ways to preserve it.

Our active hands-on management style includes rigorously evaluating
every asset we recommend. We consider the integrity of the investment
process, the quality of professionals, the consistency of performance
history, and the capacity for investing successfully in the future. Only
assets that meet our standards and selection criteria become part of
ABARIS's portfolio consideration. To ensure those assets continue to meet
expectations, we conduct regular assessments. We do the same with
portfolios, proactively rebalancing and reallocating assets when necessary
to keep clients goals in focus and on track.

In fact, we believe strongly in the soundness and objectivity of our
recommendations that we assume fiduciary responsibility for initial and
ongoing asset allocation and investment strategy selection. Our goal is to
handle every investor’s assets as carefully as our own.

With ABARIS's Investments, you benefit from:

• An array of services, including investment policy creation, portfolio
construction, compliance, performance reporting, reviews and presentation,
operational administration and proactive rebalancing and allocation

• An experienced team of professionals dedicated to risk mitigation and
addressing your individual needs  

• Objective investment guidance

We can assist with the creation and testing of any custom designed
portfolios before implementation. Our standard portfolios have been
extensively tested and live traded for several years.

We manage funds deposited with our Custodian and will also work with
funds deposited with clients' Custodian with appropriate authorization to
trade the specified accounts.

contact us for our highly competitive fee structure.
Our Strategies assist in :

  • Generating improved returns
  • maximizing profits and minimizing losses
  • Making you risk averse & compliant running your practice
  • Improving Client retention & business growth
  • Attracting new Clients and potential for increased AUM
  • Saving time & money associated with market research
  • Differentiating your business from the competition
ABARIS Investment Management provides an array of investment
management services to financial advisors, consultants, and investment
managers. For Investment professionals seeking a cost effective way to
manage their client accounts, we offer a full range of model portfolios
ranging from conservative to aggressive allocations.

Our portfolios provide an alpha generating solution for advisors seeking
to deliver high quality portfolio management to their accounts whilst
freeing up time to grow their business or pursue other interests.
Advisors manage the client facing relationship, we manage the portfolio
design, construction, monitoring, risk mitigation and performance.

ABARIS Advantage is a time-tested, client-focused strategy that
combines the transparency of a separately managed account, the risk-
adjusted return of many hedge funds, and the liquidity and low cost of a
mutual fund. ABARIS Advantage portfolios are designed to reduce risk
when times are tough and still pay off handsomely when markets are

ABARIS offers portfolios across asset classes and geographies, and
with a choice of passive or active management; or, choose from among
our state-of-the-art asset-allocation services. We deploy a wide range
of sophisticated investment-management capabilities to deliver
customized solutions for clients with particularly unique needs.

We’re putting our research, our knowledge, automated evaluation
processes to the task of building portfolios that deploy sophisticated risk-
management tools and processes; and developing innovative products
that address some of the biggest challenges facing our clients today.